Force India/Indian GP + more!

Lots of news coming through at the moment so we're gonna do a big review for you guys; that way you can find everything in one place! =)

Firstly, i encourage all Force India fans to listen to the teams podcast found here, in this edition they discuss everything from the Hungarian GP to helmets to the weather! There are also exclusive interviews with Adrian Sutil, Paul Di Resta and Vijay Mallya and in addition to this Nico Hulkenberg interviews two members of the team so you can get to know the guys behind the scenes better.

Secondly, Indian GP news. The circuit, still under construction, but near completion, will have its homologation check on September 1st. The homologation is something every track must go through - race director Charlie Whiting will fly to Noida to check the circuit in terms of safety. If he confirms everything as safe then the race will go ahead as planned. It's a standard procedure and there is no reason why the circuit won't pass, Indian GP officials are confident.

While we are on the subject of the Indian GP, there is an article online here for all you cricket crazy Indians ;-)

So what else? Well there is an interesting article online here, once again connecting cricket and motorsport. Could Sachin Tendulkar and Anjana Reddy get involved in motorsport?!

Finally, on autosport.com Adrian Sutil states his views on Force India's chances in the next GP. The article is here and it's a very promising read for the fans - i hope he is right!

That's all for now guys, tell your friends about this site, we're looking for a wider audience. I challenge you to drop a link to a friend somehow, thanks! =)

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