Emma Buxton Interview!

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The interview, exclusive to Auto India Sports, was with Force India's temporary communications manager Emma Buxton (@EmBearpark on twitter). She was in that role for four races this season; the first three of the season (Australia, Malaysia, China) and at the latest GP in Britain. Emma has had a very impressive career within motorsport so far having worked for various different bodies including A1GP Team Monaco, BAR Honda F1 Team, FOM (Formula One Management), The BBC, The British Racing Drivers' Club, Super Aguri F1 Team and of course Force India.

Currently Emma looks after the PR requirements for Alexander Rossi (racing in World Series by Renault) and Alice Powell (racing in Formula Renault UK).

Our interview with her was essentially a question and answer session and the product of this session is below - enjoy! =)

1) So you were Communications Manager for Force India for the first three races of the season, what did that role entail?

I drafted the weekend PR schedule for the drivers and key team members. I scheduled interview requests and ensured that the drivers fulfilled FIA commitments when at the track, such as attending press conferences and post-running media scrums – as the ones you see on the TV! I also used to tweet from @clubforce from time to time and I drafted and issued all of the team press releases.
2) Did you travel out to Australia, Malaysia and China? Which country did you like best and why? 

I am a fan of Australia as I have friends who live in Melbourne, but I also really like to visit Malaysia as I enjoy the food and the spa treatments at the hotels! I also like the Sepang track.
3) What was the atmosphere like at Force India, did they make you feel welcome? 

The atmosphere is great at the team! It reminded me of my days at Super Aguri – small and friendly. The team was very welcoming and, as the only travelling girl, I did not feel awkward at all! The guys are great.
4) Can you sum up your stint with Force India? Any fond memories? 

Very fond memories. I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed the drivers are, and I have many memories that will stay with me for ever.
5) Was there anyone you became close friends with in the team? 

I used to travel to and from the track with the Sporting Director, Andy Stevenson, and I respect him very much as he has been in F1 since 1991. I also got on very well with the drivers, and I keep in touch with Adrian.
6) Can you give three words to describe:

i) Adrian Sutil 
intelligent, gentle and handsome! 

ii) Paul Di Resta
genuine, determined, fast

iii) Nico Hulkenberg
cute (he’ll hate me for saying that!), quick, racer
7) You also worked with BBC F1 Interactive coverage, how does that compare with working for a team? 

It is very different! You are trying to liaise and work with all teams for interviews and factory visits etc, so you need to have a lot of contacts.
8) So do you prefer working for a team or working for a media company? 

I love working for a team – you get to focus on supporting one team and that set of drivers with a common goal, to win, or at least do well.
9) You currently look after the PR requirements for Alexander Rossi (in World Series by Renault) and Alice Powell (in Formula Renault UK), how does that compare to F1? 

It is different as I only write the press releases for Alexander and I am an advisor to Alice. I do not travel with them to their races, so despite watching their races from home, you miss some of the atmosphere.
10) Your back for the British GP with Force India, but could we possibly ever see you with the team in a more permanent role? 

I will never say never, but at the moment I am happy working for myself and having time to look after my daughter who is only 15 months old and the most important thing in my life.

To find out more about Emma visit her personal website here.

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