Formula Two Qualifying 1 & Race 1 - Nurburgring

Qualifying One Results: Ebrahim 14th (1:49.670), Sureshwaren 22nd (1:51.037)
Race One Results: Ebrahim 15th, Sureshwaren DNS

In the end a disappointing day for both Indian drivers once again with no points scored.

Ebrahim is giving his all but he just can't seem to break free from the midfeld into the points scoring positions (top ten) at the moment. Qualified in 14th after an average lap by his standards and dropped one place in the race to finish 15th.

Sureshwaren is having a similar problem to Ebrahim however Parthiva is struggling to break from the back of the pack into the midfield. He qualified down in 22nd, ahead of Fabio Gamberini and unfortunately didn't participate in the race - the reason for this is unknown at this stage and none of the other major websites have given a reason why either - we'll have to wait until he gets interviewed by somebody to find out but as soon as we know we'll post it here!

We have updated the championship standings here, why not see how our guys our doing in F2 so far this season? Let's hope for a better day for both drivers tomorrow =)

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