Bundle of news!

There have been a lot of news articles in the last few days relating to Indian Motorsport so we're gonna place them all in one article here for your convince.

Firstly at Force India; Vijay Mallya has come back at critics who say he could do more for Indian Motorsport by hiring Chandhok or Karthikeyan for Force India. The original article is here - and we 100% agree with Mr.Mallya!

Next up, Adrian Sutil has given an interesting interview here and he has also spoken to the official Formula One website about his F1 fantasy (which is a feature they are currently running), that's available to read here.

Also related to Force India, Nico Hulkenberg has stated his desire for a race seat next season (article can be viewed here) and there are roomers that Sam Michael is going to join Force India's technical team when his contract with Williams expires at the end of the season. That article can be viewed here but just a word of note that it's a Russian website so the English isn't brilliant ... nevertheless, you can get the gist of the story.

Finally, F1 rocks, the concerts associated with Formula One races is in town during the Indian GP - for more information click here.

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