Bundle of news 2!

Typically as soon as we post an article with all the latest Indian motorsport related news a whole heap of other articles hit the press!

Firstly Lewis Hamilton has decided to ditch his scheduled trip to India so he can concentrate more on upcoming races rather than promotional events. While this is a shame for India it's not a big issue as he'll be in India in October anyway! =D

Secondly, there is a great video online that i highly recommend you guys watch! Eddie Jordan chatting with Adrian Sutil and Paul Di Resta at the post-Silverstone race concert. Simply press play below:

Next up, Manipe F1 are reporting that the FIA track inspection of the Indian GP will be on 3rd of August - official confirmation of this date is yet to be announced.

Finally, and probably most interestingly, Karun Chandhok has stated that Mallya is wrong to not be putting Indian drivers in the Force India car. This appears to be a typical driver point of view vs team owner point of view debate - just like in the last GP where Webber was told by Red Bull to not overtake Vettel; but the Australian just ignored the call from the team and attempted it anyway.

Personally i wouldn't read too much into this, Chandhok just wants a drive at Force India - he probably is good enough ... i think he'll end up at the team eventually, however they currently have no space as the teams three current drivers are all very good.

However in that mini interview with autosport.com Chandhok stated "But you are not going to find the next Indian star by running events in single-engined four-stroke rental karts on 400 metre tracks made out of concrete." I'm very disappointed by this comment. He of all people knows that you can't just put a rookie straight into a top level racing series, it all starts with karting - maybe it was just a heat of the moment comment.

Narain Karthikeyan has also said his piece stating: "Against all the odds, both of us have made it to Formula one. It doesn't matter who I drive for in the Indian Grand Prix. It's just a symbolic and historic moment and one that can show aspiring young drivers what they can do with hard work and effort. The Tata Group is very supportive of what I do and that's all that matters."

Both the Indian drivers at the moment seem to think that they were being criticised by Mr.Mallya but that simply wasn't the case.

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