British GP - Race

Results: Sutil 11th, Di Resta 15th

Well after an impressive qualifying it was a bit of a disastrous race, although through no fault of the drivers.

Di Resta lost a place early on to Hamilton and dropped down to 7th place - nevertheless he looked comfortable pace wise. After the first round of pit stops the team looked in great shape in 7th and 8th positions.

However that's when it all started to go wrong; an error in the pits from Force India, a miscommunication between the pitwall and the engineers meant that Adrian's tyres were brought out in preparation for Di Resta's stop - this cost the team quite some time as they had to run back into the garage and collect the correct tyres. Then once Di Resta got back on track he had a collision with Buemi, damaging his front wing in the process meaning another pitstop thus dropping him down the order into 16th. After that it was very hard for him to make any sort of progress at all unfortunately, just gaining one place due to Button's retirement.

As for Adrian he struggled in terms of laptimes as the car appeared to be hard on it's tyres in the damp conditions and he just dropped back during the pitstop phases unfortunately, untimately finishing 11th.

Let's analyse where this went wrong:

Miscommunication between pitwall and mechanics - sometimes these things just happen, hopefully Force India learn from this mistake and maybe change their method of communication in the future.

Paul's collision with Buemi - well a mistake on his part, but we must remember he is a rookie! He's done a brilliant job this season, and still is doing a brilliant job - his pace is good but he is still learning so he is allowed to make mistakes this season, he will learn to cut them out in time, just like Adrian did =)

Sauber gained points on us yet again, we really need to start outscoring them very soon, but we'll always remain positive and always remain fully behind our team, the Indian team, Force India.

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