European GP - Practice Three

Results: Sutil 11th (1:39.411), Di Resta 13th (1:39.823), Karthikeyan 24th (1:44.630).

The first thing i want to say about how this weekend is shaping up is that personally i have never ever seen such a clear cut weekend for Force India. Given results so far it's quite clear that we have the best car behind the top five teams. In that session Sutil, who finished 11th, was three tenths of a second behind Heidfeld in 10th and four tenths ahead of Perez in 12th. A large gap to the cars ahead and the cars behind means he may well have a lonely race tomorrow.

As for Paul, he completed no laps in FP1 and just seven laps in FP2 so the Scottish driver has done a wonderful job to grab 13th in FP3 - plus on that quick lap he had traffic and had to overtake two cars. With a few more laps under his belt during Q1 he should be able to start challenging Sutil for pace.

The aim for Force India is qualifying is, as always, Q3, however given the data so far i am fairly certain that unless one of the top five teams has some kind of issue our cars will line up P11 and P12 on the grid - but let's see! Points always possible starting from 11th and 12th =)

Karthikeyan struggled once again, a whole 1.3seconds down on D'Ambrosio in 23rd ... there must be some fundamental issue with his car, the gap is too big to be down to driver performance. Let's hope the team can resolve the problem before qualifying however given the practice sessions so far that doesn't look likely unfortunately.

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