Canadian GP - Race

Results: Karthikeyan 14th, Di Resta 18th, Sutil DNF

Holy crap, how the hell do i begin to sum up that race?!

Let's start with Karthikeyan who had a brilliant race! The new teams had a wonderful scrap for the whole race, benefitting from retirements and on this occasion Hispania were best of the new teams. It was so close between the lot of them towards the end of the GP and here are the drivers who classified near Narain:

13th - Liuzzi (Hispania)
14th - Karthikeyan (Hispania) +7.5seconds
15th - D'Ambrosio (Virgin) +0.9seconds
16th - Glock (Virgin) +0.3seconds
17th - Trulli (Team Lotus) +0.3seconds

What this shows is that between 14th and 17th positions there were just 1.5seconds which is extremely close after 70 laps of racing! Karthikeyan did a brilliant job under pressure on the last lap to keep his Hispania above the Virgin's and Lotus'. It is worth noting at this stage that Narain is under investigation from the stewards about an incident with Timo Glock, unseen by the World TV feed. As a result his position may change but you'll hear it here if that happens.

Now onto Force India ... it's was a very mixed up race for both drivers and Paul was running well at the start up in 8th however he went off the road in the slippery conditions (it was captured in the background of one of the World TV feed shots) and that dropped him down to 12th, however various pit stops for other drivers meant that Paul gained positions by not changing from his wet tyres and was in 6th place when the race was red flagged. By this point Sutil was in 13th after making two pit stops.

The restart (which happened over two hours later!) went well for the team and we found Paul in 5th and Adrian in 10th, both in the points ... but that is where it all started to go wrong. Sutil was the first driver to try out the dry tyres however it was a fraction too early as he made an error and tapped a barrier causing suspension damage and resulting in retirement. As for Paul he was running well but received a drive through penalty for an over optimistic move on Nick Heidfeld which dropped him back to 14th. However he had good pace and was able to storm his way up to 11th and was closing in on Barrichello for the final points position. What happened then was unseen by the World TV feed unfortunately but the next thing we new was that Paul was into the wall ... my guess is that he caught Barrichello and the two of them touched which threw Paul out of the race.

There are still a lot of unknowns about this race as the World TV feed was very busy and unable to catch every incident plus there are still a lot of investigations ongoing so more news will be posted when we know more.

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